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Loki Petitions Odin to rename Thursday ‘Lokisday’

Loki or Lowkey

Loki or Lowkey

Loki to soon get his very own day of the week?  The crazily, chaotic god of mischief wants a day named after him.  He’s simply tired of his Earth loving brother, thunder god Thor, getting the day before Friday.  Is any of us really ready for Lokisday?

Loki, The Lowkey?

Laugh Trek caught up with Thor’s sneaky bro to ask him about his day of the week campaign.  “By Odin’s edict and by all that’s fair in all the miserable realms, I demand a day be mine alone!” bellowed the terminally misbehaving god of tricks. 

Although we knew it would be risky, we decided to grill Loki – as much as any mortal can – on just what this Thursday obsession of his is all about. 

LT:  Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with Laugh Trek fans.

LO: I could be dreaming up eternally painful and embarrassing traps for my brother and his merry minions.  Be warned, mortal, if you anger me, my retribution will be swift and excruciatingly painful.

LT:  Right…  OK.  So.  Thursday, or Thorsday, why should Odin rename it after you?

LO: Your face gives you more of a sense of intelligence, but your words are so woefully empty of knowledge.  Mortal, Thor is a bore.  Do you get it?  Thor should be no more.  He gets a magic hammer.  He gets Odin’s blessing in abundance.  What does he need of a day of the week?

LT: Fair enough.  Laugh Trek writers wondered, however, about the name.

LO:  It’s perfection!  Why the doubt?!

LT:  Well, the way it’s spelled – LOKISDAY – some may pronounce it Low Kiss Day.  Doesn’t that sound, well, just kind of odd?

LO: Not as odd as the name your brethren shall call you as soon as my spell twists you into so much–

LT:  Much thanks, Loki!  Good luck with the name change!