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Batman Recruits Bill Maher As New Sidekick – Silly Billy

Silly Billy Maher

Silly Bill Maher

Holy Sidekick Replacement, Batman!  No worries, Boy Wonder, we’ll always love you, but times change.  The caped crusader of Gotham announced today that he’ll be trading in Robin for a decidedly odd choice as a new sidekick.  Fly away oh bright, yellow caped bird, and make way for the new boy blunder in town – Silly Billy!  Yes, Bill Maher – with his new sidekick handle of Silly Billy – will now fight crime alongside Gotham’s avenging angel.

Dumb Crumb Bum?

“I think crime fighting is dumb!  Crime fighters are bums!  I think a culture which puts superheroes – and their beautiful, idealistic goals and lofty ideals above crime and villainy is just, well, I don’t know.  Gimme a minute here…  It’s just dumb!”  It’s about all the newly christened Silly Billy had to say while Batman was prepping the Bat Mobile to accommodate his new sidekick’s gargantuan ego.

Silly Billy Maher
Silly Billy Maher

Batman offered a few choice reasons on why he’s taking Bill Maher, aka Silly Billy, along with him on nightly patrol.  “I don’t think he’ll be of much help to me fighting crime, but his mouth could very well be a registered weapon.  Can he talk my enemies to death?  The mouth that roared?  Once he starts unloading those ear splitting intellectual bombs of social justice criticism, Joker, Two Face and Riddler should start running for the hills.  Catwoman, with her feline instincts should really react – accordingly.  I bet Silly Billy is going to go all pussy on her.”