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Bill Maher Calls Thor The Norse God Dumb

Maher & Thor

Maher & Thor

Bill Maher is at it again.  This time he’s attacking a truly big player – one of heavenly proportions.  He’s calling a ‘God’ dumb.  First the acerbic Maher basically dismissed comic book icon Stan Lee as not worth remembering, after the beloved pop culture icon passed away.  The HBO Real Time With Bill Maher can’t seem to leave the whole pop culture, super hero and global mythology alone.  Maher apparently knows whats best for us all, and now he’s calling out the God of Thunder himself. 

A Dumb Costume & A Dumb Hammer

“His costume is dumb.  His hammer is even dumber.  Why do we spend time on comic books?  They are just dumb dumb!” screeched Maher, when asked about Odin’s famed son.

Maher went on and on about how Loki was probably the only interesting character worth any amount of time.  When asked if, perhaps, Loki reminded Maher of himself, the comedian spat back, “He wishes!  I’m more charismatic on my worst day than he is on his best day!”

Finally, when Laugh Trek reminded Bill Maher that Thor and Loki are important elements of ancient Norse mythology, and that calling Thor and other like minded costumed superheroes ‘dumb’ could be highly offensive to ancient culture, he paused for a few seconds.  “You know, you may have a point.  Should I have called ancient mythology dumb?  I don’t know for certain, but it looked dumb so I called it dumb.  So, yeah, it’s dumb!”