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Marvel & DC Publish Bill Maher Comic Book: Will Fans Be Dumb Enough To Buy It?

Stan Lee & Bill Maher

Stan Lee & Bill Maher

Holy Reverse Psychology, Batman!  Bill Maher, host of Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO, has made his ‘real’ feelings about the comic book world known.  He basically hates pulp fiction.  Maher feels the high flying, flashy super hero fueled adventures ‘dumb down’ the country.  The veteran comic even blames loving Batman, Superman, The Hulk or Spider-Man for giving us the Donald Trump presidency.  How does a challenged comic book industry respond?  Now, in a burst of poetic pulpy justice, the titans of the comic book world have banded together to give Maher his very own comic book legacy.  Will fans be dumb enough to buy it?  

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“Bill Maher will get his own comic book.  We think it’s poetic justice for a man who knows nothing about comic books, but spouts his mouth on the topic.  But will anybody be dumb enough to buy it?”  These were the collective musings of the comic book reps who sat down with Laugh Trek to discuss Maher’s Stan Lee bashing.  

The comic book reps continued, “Bill Maher had his cameo in Marvel’s movie Iron Man 3.  He loved getting a nice payday from that little comic book foray talking about War Machine.  We gotta wonder just how much more hypocritical he can get.”

And just what superpowers, if any, will Maher get in his upcoming comic book?  “We think his super powered destructive mouth will be all he’ll ever need.  Of course, most fans feel he should have a super powered brain to go along with all that verbal venom.”