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The Coneheads to be re-imagined as ‘The Bunheads’

Cones or Buns?

Cones or Buns?

The Coneheads are heading back to integrate themselves into Earth society.  NBC’s powerhouse comedy show, Saturday Night Live, gave us our favorite science fiction family.  They’ll soon be getting a massive makeover.  Our pointy headed clan coming from the planet Remulak will now be sporting a trendy bun hairstyle.  Get ready, Folks here come – The Bunheads. 

The Cone or The Bun?

We caught up with a few of the creatives behind this re-launch of the beloved comedic romp.

LT:  Thanks for chatting with Laugh Trek.  So, Cone or Bun and why the head switch?

BH: Look around man, the Bunheads are here, no fear!  Coneheads are still way cool, but the buns – I also like to call them Bunnies – are made in the shade, dude!

LT:  Yeah.  Gotcha.  Sounds awesome.  What other changes can we expect?  Will we still see the same Beldar, Prymaat and Connie as Bunheads or Bunnies?


BH: You’ll definitely see some cool old characters, mixed up with our cool new characters.  Isn’t that just the way of things today in movies and TV?  Mixing the good old reliable old with the dynamic and exciting new?

LT:  Right….  Not really gonna share all that much with us, are you?

BH:  My Bun is all tied up and I can’t really give away all that much.  I will only say that if you love Coneheads, then you’ll love Bunheads!