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Apple To Launch Halloween Themed Pumpkin iPhone

iPumpkin Launches

iPumpkin Launches

Love your iPhone?  Love Halloween?  How about carving up pumpkins?  Apple has something for you pumpkin power players.  It’s a new iPhone, alright, but you won’t be calling it that.  Oh no, indeed not.  You’ll be calling it your iPumpkin.  And all your iPhone loving friends will be as sharply jealous as Michael Meyers carving up a few horrified teens.

iPhone Come Out to Play & Meet Your New Cohort – The iPumpkin

Can an orange Pumpkin replace a familiar red fruit?  If Apple has its way, its iconic fruit may just have to make room for a much bigger edible garden chum.  We caught up with Apple developers to ask just what’s up with iPumpkin.

LT:  Thanks for chatting with Laugh Trek.  Full disclosure:  I love pumpkin pie!

AP:  So do we!  Now you can eat a big, fat slice of pumpkin pie while chatting on your iPumpkin and record all of the delish action.

LT: But why launch a Halloween based garden competitor to challenge your iconic fruit?

AP:  Why the hell not?  We love these huge, attention hungry launch events.  And as long as people want to keep shelling out their hard earned money for faux golden cases and feeble fitness trackers and assorted what not, why not just slap the Apple name onto a plump pumpkin?

LT:  Wait a minute.  Is that all this is?  Are you telling us that you’re simply slapping Apple onto something called an iPumpkin and calling it a day?

AP:  Yup.  We’ve earned that by now – haven’t we?  We hope some of our customers start calling it the Pumpkin Phone.  Or maybe even just scream in a silly, high pitched voice, ‘My little Punkin!’  So then, in summary:  Go out and buy your iPumpkin now.  It won’t change your life, hell it won’t even contribute much to your life at all, but shit, it’s gonna look AMAZING!