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‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ to spin off ‘Star Trek: Lower Dudes’

Star Trek Goes Even Lower

Star Trek Goes Even Lower

Can Star Trek go any lower?  With news of an animated series green lit by CBS, Star Trek: Lower Decks, it seems the veteran space spanning star saga couldn’t, but now a spin-off is in the works – Star Trek: Lower Dudes.  

Can we say even more low brow humor?  Can Star Trek go even lower?

Lower Standards & Even Lower Comedy?

How can a spin-off of a TV show which hasn’t even been created yet get off the ground?  Very, very carefully.  We caught up with one of the show’s writers to inform our woefully ignorant asses.

“We’re creating an even lower brow of humor for this one – even lower than the one we haven’t even fully created yet.  Is it a gamble, sure, but life is a gamble.  Space is a gamble.  Eating cheap sushi is a glorious gamble, right?  So guess what babies – we’re gonna gamble on Star Trek going much much lower in comedy standards!”

Laugh Trek had to ask one important question:  Will Lower Dudes live up to its name?  Can we expect really low based laughs?

“How damn low can we go?  Just friggin watch us!  I love dancing the Limbo, and I’ll keep that butt busting dance in mind when I’m writing this seriously silly stuff!”  

Star Trek Goes Even Lower
Star Trek Goes Even Lower

The Low Down On Trek

Creator Gene Roddenberry launched Star Trek as a live action show way back in 1966 on NBC.  Since then, novels, video games and feature films followed and TV spin-offs such as Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager.  Currently, CBS All Access broadcasts Discovery, the 2nd prequel show relating the wacky, alien heavy adventures of space based Starfleet officers.  Now comes Star Trek: Lower Decks and the even lower aiming Star Trek: Lower Dudes.  Can Star Trek go much lower?  Fans will soon be tuning in to see just how low they can go.