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Chewbacca of ‘Star Wars’ to engage in ‘Wookie Nookie’

Wookie Nookie

Wookie Nookie Got A Cookie?

Chewbacca, that beloved and beyond hairy fuzzball, and eternally vigilant sidekick of the roguish Han Solo, will start getting real busy.  And we mean busy in a decidedly romantic way.  Hollywood’s handsome Wookie, plucked from the legendary Star Wars saga, will soon launch his own reality show.  Working title:  Wookie Nookie. 

Wookie Nookie – Got A Romantic Cookie?

Reality shows may not be for everyone, but they’re certainly now a mature form of television.  Throw in all the digital streaming such as Roku based options like Netflix, Amazon and HULU, and this is one Wookie who’s on the cutting edge of entertainment tech. 

It’s an exciting development for Solo’s sidekick.  We caught up with co-creator of the hyperspace spanning show, Executive Producer Todd Baldwin, who generously gave us some Wookie Nookie inside info on Chewbacca’s big time breakout.

LT: Thanks for sitting down with us, Todd!

TB:  No problem, Laugh Trek gets my Chewie exclusive.  Glad to do it.  Let’s chew the Chewie!

LT: Han Solo’s Wookie sidekick and rollicking romance – I’d be the last to balance such a truly wacky equation.  How did it come about?

TB: Well, Chewie isn’t exactly a walking shag carpet – surprising, I know.  He’s no wallflower and he’s no romance allergic wimp.  In fact, each and every time Han and Chewie go into a cantina, Chewie is always the one who leaves with a partner.  Solo has to go strictly for closing time leftovers!

LT: (laughs)  Wow.  So it’s a natural.  People love hairy lovers, I guess.

TB: Hair Not Bare!  That’s the motto of these Wookie Nookie loving types!

LT:  Indeed.  Will we get to see any other SW alum come join in on the fun?

TB: I will simply say this:  Droids.  Droids are something we’ll be seeing.  So use your imagination with that one!

LT: Thanks so much for giving us the lowdown.  Now, I am hungry for a Wookie Nookie Cookie!