Spock Halloween

That ever logical Vulcan of Captain Kirk’s Starship Enterprise is giving us all a very logical suggestion:  Pumpkins – the Halloween Jack O Lantern kind – are indeed, quite logical.

The Lingering Logic of Pumpkins

Can pumpkins really spur on a logical conversation about the benefits of using logic on Halloween? 

“Pumpkins are logical items for the full, seasonal enjoyment of the Earth tradition known as Halloween.”, said First Officer Spock, when pressed about why he was featured so prominently on the bulbous vegetable.

Spock Halloween

Spock Halloween

When asked about his own Halloween celebration plans, the always private Vulcan replied, “I shall be fully enjoying the fright filled and fun holiday with my Starfleet friends, who are always manage to scare themselves silly around this enigmatically strange and ever mysterious time of the year.  LLHAP – Live Long Halloween and Prosper.”

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