May The Fifth - Praise The Sith

May the 4th be with you.  And also with you.  Star Wars fans celebrate all things force related on the 4th of May.  Now, those baddies on the force’s dark side want you to remember to acknowledge them.  Praise The Sith On The Fifth along with Revenge of the 5th are a tributes to those Jedi knights gone wrong.

Praise The Sith after May The 4th Be With You 

Revenge Of The Sith is the perfect tonic to all things forceful, when you celebrate Revenge of The Fifth on May 5th.  Bad boy and girl Jedi everywhere celebrate Sith On Fifth or Praise The Sith.  Why should just the Force good guys have all the fun?  May the 4th should not be the only game in town.

May The Fifth - Praise The Sith

May The Fifth – Praise The Sith

Star Wars can fit all fans under its enormous cosmic tent.  Now, since the Empire is so all and ever encompassing – or greedy – we will also celebrate Praise The Sith on May The Fifth!

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