Thor Teams Up With Arm & Hammer

Has washing your clothes become too boring and humdrum?  Don’t despair, soapy help’s on the way!  Thor of Asgard, son of brilliant Odin, is going to put his fabled arm and hammer to truly good use.  Arm & Hammer has hired everybody’s favorite god of thunder as spokesman.  Get ready Thor fans, your laundry time is going to get way more exciting!

Thor Is No Snore At Doing Laundry

“We’ve been eyeing the big guy for awhile now.  Thor’s arm and hammer fit in perfectly with our own clean culture.  Your clothes will get so clean, they will be Thunder Godly Clean!  Wash time will now become truly thunderous!” gushed Arm & Hammer cleaning expert, Suds Y. Buble.

Thor Teams Up With Arm & Hammer

Thor Teams Up With Arm & Hammer

Thor couldn’t praise his new wash gig or his employers more dramatically, emphatically or just plain old bombastically.  “These goodly men and women know the rope of soap.  My arm and my hammer know great strength.  Our alliance is cause for the cleanest of celebrations!  Rejoice, people of Midgard!  Bask in the glow of soapy brilliance!”

Not everyone was thrilled over the cleansing news.  Loki, brother and chief mischief maker of Asgard, quipped, “My brother wouldn’t know a bar of soap or a powdery box of the same if it fell on him out of the damning heavens.  Such ribald farce knows only one thing for certain – buy this soap on Thor’s advice and you shall stay ever smelly.”

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