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‘Soy Toy’ – A ‘Star Wars’ Snack Launches

O Joy Soy Toy

Soy Toy Joy

Got a Soy Toy?  It’s what the playful folks at Lucasfilm want Star Wars fans to start asking each other.  A new line of action figures and play sets code named Soy Toy is now launching, and undoubtedly, the Force will be greatly disturbed. 

A Soy Toy Brings Joy 

“You’ll get real joy out of a Soy Toy.  We guarantee it.”, said Lucasfilm reps proudly.  “No matter if you’re a girl, a Wookie or a boy, a Soy Toy will bring you joy!”  As they started singing the clumsy jingle happily, we fled the room to protect our sanity.  We had to go back to ask for more information.  Armed with ear plugs, we posed this probing question.  Just exactly what is a Soy Toy?

“Soy is an extraordinary thing.  It can be made into tofu cakes, diced up in stir fry.  In a liquid form, it’s soy milk.  Now, through a patented process, we’ve come up with a playable form.  It’s completely biodegradable, fully edible – yet kids, or spirited adults, can play with their soy-toy before consuming it.”

O Joy Soy Toy
Soy Toy Joy

Soy Joy Or Way Too Coy?

Laugh Trek wonders if this will usher in a new age of edible toys.  Will many more companies go soy for toys?  Is this a way to just keep selling more action figures – make them edible and full of soy goodness?  You play with the action figure, but when you get hungry you eat it.  Where does it all end?  Action figure cafes?  Maybe the Jedi will change ‘Use the Force’ to ‘Eat the Soy’?