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James Cameron Hopes Audiences Get Fatigue For All Movies Except His Own

James Cameron - Watch His Movies

James Cameron Wants You To Watch Only His Movies

James Cameron wants you to stop going to see all movies, except the ones he himself makes.  The director of such mega hits as Titanic and Avatar, recently blasted superhero movies – especially Avengers – saying he hopes audiences get ‘Avengers Fatigue’.  Now, Cameron is doubling and even tripling down – saying he hopes movie goers boycott all movies, ignoring all films released, except the ones he writes, produces and directs himself.

James Cameron Cinema Secrets

“Let’s face it, my movies are the best around – in all possible ways.  Avatar is still the biggest movie of all time, and the most surreal.  Do you understand it?  Really?  Well, even I don’t understand the damn thing, and that’s the whole point.  My movies are supposed to confuse.  My Titanic still makes grown men cry all over the globe.  Celine Dion still owes me a boat load of cash from her hippy dippy song.  Yeah, people should stop going to see all the crap movies of today.  Stop watching all of them, except the brilliant cinematic gems I perfectly produce.”

James Cameron - Watch His Movies
James Cameron Wants You To Watch Only His Own Movies

Laugh Trek was more than slightly perplexed by this new pop culture advice from one of Hollywood’s most successful film makers.  So, we simply asked him again:  You want the world to see nothing but your own movies?  Cameron all the time – every time?

“I’ve spoken about Wonder Woman, about Iron Man 3 – about how seriously flawed I think these films are, and how they must be either reworked or put back in the vault.  Films must be visually perfect, or they must be banished to the nether regions.  My work is perfect in every way.  It’s the way things are folks, get over it already.  My movies should be seen by all.  Those other movies?  You can skip them and life will go on just as fine as always.  You miss my movies, and you’re missing sheer life altering magic.  You’re all on notice, bitches”