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‘In Search Of’ Launches ‘The Search For In Search Of’ On History

The Search For 'In Search Of'

The Search For 'In Search Of'

In Search Of is going on a search for a search.  The classic 1970’s show, hosted by the masterful Leonard Nimoy, will be remade by cable’s History – this time around hosted by the Star Trek movie Spock actor, Zachary Quinto.  Now, to add more weird spice to the inquiring mix, In Search Of will go on a search looking for itself.  The Search For In Search Of will soon launch, and where it goes is anybody’s guess.

The Search For ‘In Search Of’ Promises To Be One Interesting Search

“Searching for ‘In Search Of’ by launching The Search For ‘In Search Of’ will become a fascinating and mysterious exploration for all involved.  In effect, we will be searching for our very own show – by going on a search for In Search Of” explained a show producer.

The original TV show saw Leonard Nimoy – best known for fleshing out Gene Roddenberry’s Spock on the classic 1960’s show Star Trek – searching the world for the mysterious, the enigmatic, the unexplained and the just plain weird.  Topics such as Bigfoot, Amelia Earhart, UFO’s and Jack The Ripper were just some of the subjects explored.  The opening voice over solemnly promised, “This series presents information based in part on theory and conjecture.  The producer’s purpose is to suggest some possible explanations but not necessarily the only ones to the mysteries we will examine.”

The Search For 'In Search Of'
The Search For ‘In Search Of’

Laugh Trek pressed the re-imagined show producers for more details on just how another search will provide more illuminating or better answers than just going on the first Search itself.  They replied excitedly, “The original program saw Leonard Nimoy on a Search, then years later there was The Search For Spock feature film, and in 2002, Mitch Pileggi of X-Files Fame hosted a new version, and now, we will be going on The Search For ‘In Search Of‘ with Zachary Quinto who played Spock and is now on his own searching search.  Don’t you see?  The whole thing is so blissfully meta!”