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RoboCop To Marry Borg Queen – Resistance To Love Is Futile

Borg Queen Marries RoboCop

RoboCop officially detains his latest suspect.  Most surprisingly of all, she’s an authentic royal.  Wedding bells ring out for Detroit’s most famous police officer and the galaxy’s most notorious cybernetic monarch.  Have you heard the romantic gossip through the OCP grapevine?  RoboCop and the Borg Queen are getting married.  Rejoice!  Let the cyber celebration begin!  

Resistance To Love Is Futile

Bachelor Party Or Not, She’s Coming With Me!  It’s been Robo’s motto in the weeks leading up to his wedding.  We caught up with the metallic beat cop, who had this to say on his upcoming nuptials.  “We are in love.  I know she is the one for me.  She feels the same about me.  Why is there doubt about our union?  If I hear any further skepticism on our pairing up, there will be – Trouble!”

His bride to be was slightly more coy while commenting on the wedding.  “My Robo will be an equal to rule by my side.  He will become familiar with physical forms of pleasure.  And soon… he will watch his future END!”

Two Cyborgs Assimilate As One

And what of the Borg Queen’s friends?  More importantly, what does her former flame have to say about the robotic matrimony?  “I am Locutus of Borg.  I was once One with The Borg.  You too will be One with The Borg.  Our Queen can choose anyone she feels is more worthy of assimilation.  RoboCop’s life has it has been is over.  Now, he will service US.”

Robo’s long time partner, Officer Lewis, was thrilled over hearing the news.  “Murphy’s travelled a tough road.  I hope he’s happy.  She looks like she’ll be compatible with him.  In fact, she looks just like him.”

Borg Queen Marries RoboCop

Laugh Trek also spoke to Commander Data of USS Enterprise 1701-D.  His run in with the Queen of Borg is legendary.  “For a time, 0.68 seconds exactly, I was completely convinced of her – brilliance.  For an android, that’s nearly an eternity.  I wonder if Robo’s digital timing is as accurate as my own.  If so, he has only to initiate a countdown regarding their unique relationship.  If so desired, I can provide him with a fractal encryption code to protect his main computer core.  Better safe, than sorry.”