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Rebel Scum Say ‘Sith Eye For The Jedi Guy’ Is Hilarious

Sith Eye For The Jedi Guy

Sith Eye For The Jedi Guy

Sith happens.  It’s basically what official reps for the Rebel Scum said when asked about the Empire’s new TV reality show.  Sith Eye For The Jedi Guy promises viewers high stakes and even higher drama, as the dark side obsessed Sith go looking for a few new recruits.

I Am Your Daddy, Jedi Guy

Empire producers are pretty darn happy with their final offering.  Watch out, valiant Jedi!  Your noble knights may soon be seduced on over to the dark side by those clever and charismatic Sith baddies.

“We’re pleased with the name. We have a long list of title variants.  Our team knew marketing would be especially important.  Big Jedi Don’t Cry, I Am Your Sith Daddy, Yoda Is A Yo-Yo, Dark Side Dudes etc.  We all finally agreed on this title since we always keep a watchful eye on Jedi who can be smoothly brought over to the dark side of the Force.

Sith Eye For The Jedi Guy
Evil Eye For The Jedi Guy

What do the majestic Jedi have to say about this modern PR recruitment tool?  Are they at all worried?  “This is just a big, fat joke.  Tell us another one.  Ha Ha.  Jedi master the Force.  Hell, we have Yoda on our side.  We stay away from the Dark Side, because it’s bad – very bad.  It’s a no-no.  What, us worry?  Let them tempt away a few of our less powerful Jedi.  Don’t worry.  We’ll simply make more.”