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Farscape Spin-Off: Boozy ‘Barscape’ Staggers To Drunken Life

Belly Up To The 'Barscape'

Farscape fans, rejoice.  The epic time has now arrived.  Tired of space operas where everyone is clean, neat and sober?  Boring, right?  Your long, fabled sci-fi fest is going to finally get a worthy spin-off TV series.  Barscape, a boozy, liquor soaked sequel is now headed, however drunkenly, to the pub crawl crowded airwaves.  Are you slam dunk drunk enough to take on the epic spirits infused challenge? 

Farscape – Belly Up To The Barscape 

“It’s really quite a simple equation.  Farscape fans deeply admire their fantastic science fiction.  They also dearly love bars and bottles of booze.  Why not combine these passions into a single beer bust of a program?  This time out, our fan base will be blasting off to find hard liquor.  They’ll be staggering onto a Barscape!”, said a slightly inebriated show rep.

Belly Up To The 'Barscape'
Belly Up To The ‘Barscape’

Farscape is well known for its quirky cast of cosmic characters.  Early reports have speculated on the character roster of Barscape – but one thing’s clear from the get go, they’ll all be completely drunk off their asses – all of the time.  “You can’t have a television show showcasing bars and the liquored up folk who love them, without those naughty booze hounds being sauced nearly all the damn time.  Boozers, celebrate!  Here’s the science fiction epic you’ve all been wanting – and being drunk for – since you first stumbled during happy hour into a bar!”