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Snoke To Launch ‘Supreme Leader Snoke’s Drag Race’

Snoke's Drag Race

Snoke's Drag Race

Snoke is an undisputed Master of The Dark Side of The Force.  Now, he’s become a fabulous Master of Drag.  This imposing figure who guides The First Order over command of the galaxy, simply loves making himself as fiercely pretty as possible.  Lately, he’s fond of saying, ‘Force your drag, honey, or it’ll Force you!’  Dark Side Diva?  Drag Side Divo?  You bet your gold lame dress, babies!

Snoke Is No Joke Dressed In Drag

“Drag is really who we are deep down inside – isn’t it now?”, said The Supreme Leader, as he lounged around in one of his favorite gold lame dresses.  The floor length gown sparkled brilliantly.  It caught the glint in the usually bad boy’s eyes just perfectly.  This Dark Side Drag Diva was as lit up and super charged as one of his naughty lightsabers.

Snoke's Drag Race
Snoke’s Drag Race

Some First Order loyalists are surprised by their Supreme Leader’s decision to devote an hour weekly to a drag reality show, yet more than a few express excitement on dressing the part themselves.  One refused to be named, but said, “My true drag nature will soon at last be revealed.  I shall become a fabulous Dark Side Diva… A Drag Side Divo!  I shall even rival Snoke himself to command The First Order–”  Suddenly, his transmission was abruptly and mysteriously cut short.  Laugh Trek wishes him and all the other Dark Side Drag Divas well in competing in the drag race of the galaxy.  Use the Drag Side Of The Force, Luke!