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C3PO Finally Gets A Real Pair Of Eyes

C3PO, Jeepers, Creepers, look at those peepers – where’d ya get those eyes?  It’s what everyone is asking the golden boy droid ever since his eyes have literally opened up.  The legendary protocol droid can now look us straight in the eye.

New Eyes New Cries

“Oh, how shall I ever properly thank my glorious Master Luke!  After years of having bright, shining weird light up gold eyes, I now have real ones!  These cloned implants are amazing!  Thank you, Master Luke!  May the Force be with you forever!”


Not everyone was so overly thrilled with news of C3PO’s new ocular parts.  Trusty and ever playful robotic sidekick, R2D2, had this to say – translated from his beeping gibberish, “He looks far weirder – if that’s possible.  Such an asshole thinking human eyes look good on a droid.  Big douchebag.”