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Scotty and Uhura Have Something To Say About Red Shirts Always Dying

Scotty Red Shirt

Red Shirts always dying?  Say it isn’t so!  Scotty and Uhura have something to say about it.  The two Starfleet officers assigned to Captain James T. Kirk’s Starship Enterprise sat down with us for a candid talk about their uniform color and just why everyone says red shirts always perish.

Galactic Urban Myth?

“What malarkey!  I’m so damn tired of being pointed at by my crew members – often times subordinates – and them going, ‘Red Shirt!  Gonna Die!” offered Commander Montgomery Scott, Chief Engineer of respected Federation vessel Enterprise 1701.  His colleague, Communications Officer Lt. Uhura, was slightly more outspoken about the Red Shirt phenomenon.

Red Shirt Dying - Urban Myth?
Red Shirt Dying – Urban Myth?

“It’s all complete bullshit.  When they mock me in my red uniform, I just answer simply, Bitch!  Please!  I’m in fine health.  Go get a hobby, Tribble head!  Stop mocking my uniform color.  Worry about your own crap!  I speak Klingon, can you?”