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Buck Rogers Is So Sexy Women Want To Kill Him

Buck Rogers, you’re too sexy to live.  Evidently this has been the deafening siren call and mission for scores of women who simply think Buck is far too sexy to stay alive.  It’s become a real epidemic.

Too Sexy Not To Murder?

Buck Rogers – the enigmatic man out of Earth’s past and living in our now more interesting times – had this to say about the curious development.

“It appears women are finding me so sexy…. so irresistible, they simply can’t live without me.  So, to cope and deal with this devastating fact, they seek to end my life.  It’s become a real emergency.  I’m attacked everywhere I go.  Instead of coming on to me and flirting, they pounce on me with whatever weapon is handy – usually their hands and dirty nails.  They start trying to claw my face to ribbons.  They can’t fuck Buck, so they freak out.  Can anyone say slightly unbalanced?”

Buck Is Too Sexy To Live
Buck Is Too Sexy To Live