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Holy Yo Momma Jokes, Batman! Robin The Boy Wonder Stand-Up Comic

Robin - The Comic

Robin The Comic

Robin, the Boy Wonder has turned Boy Stand-Up Comic.  Holy last comic standing, Batman!  Buy your tickets early, true believers.  Robin is going on the road as a comedy club comedian.

Robin – One Liner Wonder

“I’m kind of tired of running around with Batman as one half of the caped crusaders.  Frankly, it’s getting sort of stale.  I don’t want to be in Batman’s shadow anymore.  I am funny, and I’ll prove it!  Holy Hollywood Hoedown, here I come to tickle the people’s funny bones!”

Robin - The Comic
Robin The Stale Comic

Robin has been honing his comedy tour material – mostly stale, old when they were first uttered in the year of one comic one liners – on Batman, Alfred and anyone else foolish enough to be the recipient of his lame shtick.  The comedy test audience also includes Gotham’s finest – one police commissioner Gordon.

“The jokes are frightfully bad.  I can’t conceive of such a bright and talented young crime fighter being such a tortuously bad comic, but I must report it as I see it.  Stick to busting heads, boy wonder, not busting chops.”, sighed Gordon.