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Starfleet Stacy Says ‘No Scotch, No Botch’ On Her Date With Scotty

No Scotch - No Botch

No Scotch - No Botch

Starfleet Stacy wants Scotty to know that excessive drinking on their date won’t be welcome.  The two are scheduled for their first rendezvous, and the Starfleet talk show host isn’t having any drunk shenanigans from the Chief Engineer of Starship Enterprise.

Less Scotch, No Botch

“Scotty may drink on his own time, but he won’t be getting rip roaring drunk around me.  I want our date to go as smoothly as possible.  Less Scotch, No Botch was my Auntie Rose’s motto, and boy, now that I’m a grown woman, I know what she means.”

No Scotch - No Botch
No Scotch – No Botch