Stacy & Spock

Starfleet maintains a noble interplanetary mission: To Seek Out Lifeforms – wherever and whenever possible in the far flung galaxy.  Now, they can add lively talk show to the mix and mission statement, as space ace personality Stacy joins space race as a galactic personality.

Starfleet Stacy Launches

We caught up with Stacy and she ranted about everything under the stars – everything but her upcoming talk show. 

“I joined Starfleet and went into space to get the hell away from Earth.  Far away!  Honestly, I’m not a planet bound kind of girl.  Rattling around in a starship is my idea of fun.  And then what happens when they give me my first assignment?  I get a cushy desk job running Starfleet reports on a space station!  Did those medical geeks over analyze my psych profile?  Somebody get me a gig on a Starship.  Anything.  I’ll even take a shipload of those logical losers, the Vulcans.”  

Stacy & Spock

Stacy & Spock

No matter how much we prodded, Stacy refused to tell us more about her show.  As we left Stacy, still going on and on about everything, she started musing about a certain Vulcan of note, so apparently, they’re not all losers.

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