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Famke Janssen Is Captain Picard’s ‘Perfect Mate’ – TNG At 30



Captains Kirk and Picard play on the same space ace team, albeit in different eras. The two Starfleet legends have been engaged in a friendly, fan fueled competition ever since Star Trek: The Next Generation took up the legendary mantle from the original crew.

Kirk vs Picard? Onscreen! Engage!

Fans ask: Can JT kick JL’s ass? Who’s a better leader? Is Picard’s patriarchal diplomatic skills superior to Kirk’s signature cowboy diplomacy? All important topics to be sure, but what of love? Let’s compare libidos. Is Kirk oversexed? Is Picard too busy to get busy?

How’s About The Sex?

In the Starfleet Captain romance department, it would appear Kirk impresses as the winning Lothario. Shocking! We all know the familiar, even predictable drill – Kirk’s a lover AND a fighter! Picard wouldn’t stand a chance measuring up to him!

Not so fast! Warp Drive Disengaged. Warp Core Powering Down…..

One romantic laden tale featuring a stunning guest star may be able to rightly settle the debate of which man is the better lover. In the TNG episode, The Perfect Mate, guest star Famke Janssen boards Picard’s Enterprise and her seductive character provides more than a few clues as to who truly kicks ass in the bedroom.

It’s clear that both men – compared in their equal prime – are dynamic, take charge leaders. Kirk’s brilliant combat strategy during space battles, plus his celebrated hand to hand combat in conflicts planet side, is well known. Picard proves he’s no slouch in either of those important areas either.

Perfect Mate
Perfect Mate

Still, fans speculate on who’d be winner of a Starfleet “The Bachelor” competition. All things being equal and when closely examining lusty interludes over the seasons in the respective shows, which Captain scores the best romantic catch during their respective tour of duty? Enter The Perfect Mate.

Sorry, J. T. Kirk, looks like Jean-Luc Picard’s got ya beat, bud.

Enter The Famke

Famke Janssen plays an alien escort – a sort of cosmic, galactic Geisha – whose exotic gifts include sensing and decoding the erotic vibes from her prospective romantic partners. She’s being ferried by Starfleet’s flagship vessel under Captain Jean-Luc Picard, and makes a mistake all her training and abilities should have protected her from – she falls in love with the commander of the Enterprise.

Take that, Kirk!

A quick scan of the scorecard for Jim’s romantic conquests reveal psychotic green gals, doomed social workers from ancient times and a brainy Starfleet scientist responsible for tinkering a device which gives new meaning to planetary recycling

Jean-Luc boasts of romancing a treasure hunter turned Robin Hood’s sidekick, who goes on to becoming associate of an omnipotent entity. He’ll always have Paris with a special squeeze, and he certainly got musical with one special partner.

Picard And Kamala
Picard And Kamala

And then we get the gorgeous alien, Kamala.

The Empathy of Sexuality

Kamala stunned the Enterprise 1701-D’s crew – taking all by surprise with her grace and beauty. Her abilities as an empathic metamorph means she’s a natural at captivating those around her. She’s the ultimate people person – the beginning and the end of irresistible charm and animal sexuality.

Alas, you can’t please everybody. Some don’t like the episode nor Janssen’s magnetic character. Apparently these haters don’t employ imagination to go beyond what´s presented. A Star Trek episode isn’t a novel. It’s not a psychological nor sociological treatise. There’s only so much time to develop characters and story. One must fill in the blanks. Analyze. It’s the imaginative treat of interpreting the arts & entertainment.

Where’s the beef in the naysayers beefs? Kamala, by some critics, is seen as little more than a prostitute. Indeed, Picard’s crew struggles with such morality and provides pro and con commentary. The parallel of a sex worker – in a clean, safe manner – being seen as a legitimate life choice or even a rewarding career simply isn’t weighed in these hollow critiques. Charging Kamala’s depiction insults as a kind of brutal blow to female progressive rights seems curiously unimaginative.

Wedding Dress
Wedding Dress

Healthy Sexuality

Sadly, there are those among us who are fearful, even hateful of sex; the mature, playful depiction of exotic or even alien sexuality. If you’re insecure with exploring sexuality, such limitation may indeed bleed over into your reception or attitudes to any healthy sexual depiction.

Sex shouldn’t be put on trial. The honest expression of human sexuality is never villainous. It can be argued extreme proselytizing, the archaic dogma of the puritanical seeks to shame the beauty of human biology. A negative, immature attitude to exploring healthy sexuality becomes obvious as the real problem. Repression imprisons minds and hearts. Expression liberates them.

Who’d win a United Federation of Planet’s Bachelor competition? James Tiberius vs Jean-Luc. Despite Kirk routinely being crowned the hottest romantic player in Gene Roddenberry’s galaxy of sexuality, it’s clear when we see Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Captain falling in love with Kamala – and her reciprocating the precious bond – we witness Jean-Luc Picard as gentlemanly winner in galactic romance.

The Human Sexual Adventure Is Just Beginning…..