Neelix Cafes

Neelix has something good cooking for all of us.  The former motivational counselor, morale officer and cook for formerly lost Starfleet Starship Voyager will be bringing his unique brand of cooking right into your own home town.  Get ready for Grub Bub Pub – and savor the particularly original cuisine of Mister Neelix.

Neelix Cafes

Neelix Cooks Up Some Grub Bub

The Reluctant Cook For A Lost Starship

“Voyager taught me how to cook for hundreds of people – all on a budget of practically nothing!” Neelix mused nostalgically.  “Mind you, our food stores and replicator rations allowed us more freedom and flexibility than the common Federation citizen, but our lost in space status meant we couldn’t just make any food at anytime.  And boy, did I have to make do with a little!  Or nothing!  Or even inedible!”

His Voyager crew mates haven’t yet tasted his grub, bub, but few are eager to try it out.  “Are you kidding me?  We left Neelix in the Delta Quadrant – where his cooking belongs.  Count me out!” remarked Harry Kim.  Other Voyager crew members wouldn’t go on the record with their reaction, however, the Vulcan, Tuvok, had this to say, “I wish Mister Neelix well, however, I am sincerely hoping that each and every patron to his questionable establishment bring the proper first aid kits, as medical attention is usually required after partaking of his entirely unpalatable cuisine.”


One thought on “Neelix To Open Up ‘Grub Bub Pub’ Cafes To Cater To Foodies

  1. Say what you will about Vulcans, we all know that Tuvok was smiling on the inside when he made that comment!

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