Thorsday Is Here

Thor wants his day back.  For way too long, the god of thunder ignored the fact that the people of Midgard changed the official spelling of his day of the week.  For more than an age, Thursday had been universally known as Thorsday.  Now, with his legendary hammer, Mjolnir in hand, the magnificent son of Odin, estranged brother to mischief maker Loki, the almighty Thor, officially reclaims his day.

Thorsday Is Here

Thor Takes Back Thursday

Thor Deems Thursday Thorsday

“Thorsday is here once again, oh joyous people of Midgard!  My name has been restored to its rightful place on the weekly calendar.  So, I say celebrate!  Rejoice this awesomely glorious time!” exclaimed Thor, in his usual over the top and insanley energized manner. 

It’s clear Thor has more than a few celebrations in store for the notable event.  However, it’s obvious mischievous brother Loki won’t be attending any of them.  When stopped for a comment, Loki only spat out, “This is a ridiculous and lowly moment.  I shan’t dignify such a obscene travesty with any utterance of mine.  Be gone irritating mortal, before I transmute you into the pond scum which was the essence and origin of your filthy ancestors!”

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