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‘Spock Rock’ – A Broadway Musical On The Classic ‘Star Trek’ Vulcan Coming Soon

Spock Rock

Spock Rock

Spock Rock promises to rock everyone’s entertainment world.  A Broadway theatrical, musical production based on the legendary exploits of Star Trek’s iconic alien is being developed.  The Great White Way invaded by a green blooded Vulcan?  The galactic focused project is now blasting off at warp speed.

They’ll Flock To Spock Rock

Live Long and Rock.  Maybe this should be the proper Vulcan motto.  We’re confident once our show launches onto the theater scene, audiences will be flocking to Rock with the Spock.”, gushed veteran Broadway producer, Rod Gene.

Spock Rock
Spock Rock

Broadway musicals encompass any number of music styles and genres.  So, just what kind of rock or pop music can we expect to hear in the show?  Songs such as; We Will Spock YouStar Trekkin Across The Universe, Crocodile Spock and the always popular classic Gonna Crack My Knuckles And Jump For Joy, I Got A Clean Bill Of Health From Doctor McCoy, will be just some of the catchy tunes showcased on stage. 

Rod Gene excitedly summed up his sonic passion, “We Will Spock You is one of my personal favorites.  It’s such an energetic rock n roll anthem and that musical power goes directly into the Vulcan’s heart of our production.”

Trekkers and Trekkies alike will be treated to a joyous celebration of music inspired by the logical Vulcan.  Stay tuned faithful sci-fi fans and be sure to keep those big, Vulcan ears wide open, because… The Human Musical Adventure Is Just Beginning.