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Batman v Ronald McDonald – Dark Knight, Fast Food Clown Crossover Promises Extreme Action & French Fries

Batman v Ronald

Batman v Ronald

Ronald McDonald, hamburger pimp extraordinaire, will soon face his greatest challenge.  No, it won’t be overcoming the fickle tastes of our spoiled fast food eating public, nor the finger wagging of nutritionally obsessed, health nuts who warn us to go vegan.  McDonald’s iconic clown is going to be mixing it up with Gotham’s dark knight of retribution.  Batman V Ronald McDonald promises unrelenting action mixed with the sweet smell of greasy french fried potatoes.  

Patience Yields The Batman

“We’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to allow our globally recognized fast food loving clown, Ronald, to play around with another global icon.  With Batman v Ronald McDonald, our burger loving fans will share the love with our comic book loving fans.  Batman is going to get a beatdown from another clown with good taste on his mind.  I guess you could say:  We’re lovin it!” said Stephanie C. Bunn.

The clown prince of Big Macs, fries and super sized Coca-Colas going toe to toe with Gotham’s billionaire Bruce Wayne?  How can the match-up be even close to being fair?

Bunn counters with a little spicy flavor on Ron McD, “If you know anything about Ronald, it’s that he’s a survivor.  He’s been through the looking glass and back – and only gotten more popular.  We’ve redesigned him for this crossover, and all I’ll say is this:  Watch out, Batman!  Ron McD carries a big french fry, and knows how to use it!”

Batman v Ronald
Batman v Ronald

The Fantastic Future Is Found On The Dollar Menu

Got a buck?  You can’t buy much for a dollar today.  Don’t tell that harsh economic fact to the drive-thru, dollar divas.  Fast food joints are more than eager to assault our ever changing appetites with seductive dollar food options.  Now, with Ronald being pitted against comic book biggies, fans have a choice to savor a new, action packed menu – much like bellying up to the fast food bar and tossing away their cash.

If the fans are receptive to this Gotham/McD mashup, it only seems fitting to see more pair ups.  Says Bunn, “The Blob v Grimace, Catwoman v Hamburgler, Joker v Ronald, Riddler v Ronald, on and on.  We’ve so many exciting chances of leveraging our fun burger folk with the glorious comic book universe.  Happiness to us and our family is a warm bun, and what better way to keep it warm than to beat our characters senseless by introducing comic book violence into our recipe.”