Disco Pizza

Star Trek: Discovery is going where no Starship has gone before – into the disco and pizza parlor business.  Set phasers on busting a dance move and discovering good eats, as this Starfleet vessel seen on CBS All Access seeks out new dancing clubs and pizza pie toppings.  To Boldly Go In Search Of The Perfect Crust….

Dancing Plus Pizza = Profits

“Pizza is like dancing for the mouth.  Disco dancing is like dancing for the limbs.  What could be better than combining those two pleasures?  Discovery is a show which features a starship which doubles as a pizza pie cutter.  Fans nicknamed it Disco.  The wedding between food, fun and sci-fi is now simply sparkling in the stars!  Come join the fun and slice up the pizza!”, says a rep for CBS All Access.

Disco Pizza

Disco Pizza

Just because Starship Discovery looks exactly like a pizza cutter, taste can’t be sacrificed.  What kind of pie can we expect?  Replicated ones – or tastier, freshly made pizza straight out of the oven?

“You’ll taste the taste of true Italian pizza when you board Discovery.  Sure, there will be replicated (frozen) ones if you’d like.  If you’re in no hurry, you can sit back, relax, watch other episodes of other Star Trek shows and movies, while your pizza pie is being freshly made – ready for Discovery to cut it for you!  Bring on the fun and plenty of the pizza – because you and your family will Live long and prosper and eat pizza in infinite and diverse combinations!”

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