Chicken Water

Laugh Trek is beyond thrilled to announce we’re launching our own bottled water.  Watch out Poland Spring, Evian and Deer Park – there’s a new H2O in town.  Chicken Water will cost only a dollar.  So we welcome all of our fantastic supporters to:  Drink A Cluck For A Buck.

Drinkin Chickin Is Finger Lickin

“We all eat chicken, right?  Well, most of us do.  I know I sure do love eating it.  BBQ chicken wings, bring em on!  What about drinking it?  This is the watery mindset behind Chicken Water.  You don’t just eat chicken – now, you can also drink it!”, said Laugh Trek’s product development executive, Paul Tree.

Chickens Know Water

Chickens Know Water

Chicken Water was born from the fertile minds of Todd Baldwin and Will Stape.  After discussing director Guillermo Del Toro’s new movie, The Taste Of Water, on Twitter, sequel to his Oscar nominated film, The Shape Of Water, Chicken Water clucked merrily into existence.  As Baldwin so rightly reasons, “Red Bull gives you wings, but Chicken Water gives you chicken wings!”

Chickens Can Drown In The Rain

It’s been said a chicken is so dumb it can literally drown in a rainstorm by simply looking up and opening its mouth.  Dumb?  Yes.  Really knows water?  Big yes!

Chicken Water Refreshes

Chicken Water Refreshes

This is a new opportunity for Laugh Trek readers, as they go from reading content on LT to now drinking something born from the uniquely freaky experience.  As our product is still in its early stages of development, we can’t be sure of the bottled water’s ultimate reception, but this much seems guaranteed.  Drinking Chicken Water will give you the down home taste and feel of being around chickens.  What could be better?  We’re always told to drink more water and eat healthier.  With Laugh Trek’s Chicken Water, we’re in a position now to do both.  

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