Good Dead

Ash Vs Evil Dead won’t stay content to merely mix it up with strictly evil demons.  The hit STARZ show, starring the rubber faced actor Bruce Campbell, is going to spin-off a quirky comedy series, Ash Vs Good Dead.  This time forget about all that chaos and mayhem.  Here, they are sweet, cuddly demons.

Why Do The Dead Have To Be So Evil?

The demonic show’s show runner explained, “It’s a question we asked ourselves in the writer’s room, after we’d had way too much to drink at a network party.  Why do the dead have to be bad?  Who says the dead are always going to come back evil?  Why in the hell of all that is holy can’t a few dead things and walking corpses and demons simply resurrect as buddies and good neighbors?  Voila!  Ash Vs Good Dead is now thrust upon our unsuspecting fans!”

Good Dead

Good Dead

Bruce Campbell muses, “I’m kinda tired of fighting Evil Dead all the time.  Can’t I mix it up with a few good guys?  Say the Good Dead wish to support and attend a charity event – say I have to accompany them, say things get out of hand and I have to bust a few heads or cut off a few limbs with my chainsaw.  Well, great!  But can’t the dead be joining me for a change and helping set things right?  Do you think the dead always wish us badly?  I don’t think so.  Ash Vs Evil dead never gets into that brain dead philosophical arena.  This spin-off will address that deadly concept – plus lots of other dead issues.  It’s dead on arrival, and in this case, that’s a good thing!.

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