Harrison Ford Characters

Harrison Ford impresses us as a man of many faces.  Now, he’ll be an actor mastering many voices, when he records supplemental narration for Blade Runner 2049.  Ford won’t just sound like only his character, Rick Deckard, he’ll be voicing the audio as every single character he’s ever played.  Fans will hear Han Solo, Indiana Jones, President James Marshall and even Richard Kimble from The Fugitive, come alive as an extra treat.  Who cares about that old Blade Runner narration controversy – here’s your chance to create a new and even wackier one.

Han Solo and Indiana Jones and Richard Kimble, Oh My!

“People really love Harrison Ford.  Fans love his action packed movies and his memorable characters.  What better way to celebrate that passionate love than by allowing Harrison to voice narration as everyone he has ever played.” said Blu-Ray producer, Ivan Bollshidin.

Harrison Ford Characters

Harrison Ford Characters

Everyone he’s ever played?  Won’t that mean the narration will need another whole disc to just accommodate all that audio goodness?  Bollshidin assures us it will work out just fine.

“The run time of the film won’t be changed.  Nor will we be padding things out with extended scene cuts.  Harrison will be treating the project much like the producing of an audio book, similar in scope to what the great Tim Curry did with his A Christmas Carol: A Signature Performance.  Harrison will be changing up the voice when you least expect it.  One minute he’ll sound to us as the measured and logical Dr. Kimble, the next he’ll be the wise cracking Han Solo.  Suddenly, and without warning, Indiana Jones himself will be in the room blaring from your surround sound system.  We’re going to be taking the concept of replicant very seriously.  It will be a glorious new audio angle for the true and loyal Blade Runner fans!”

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