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‘The Last Jedi’ To Battle ‘The Last Starfighter’, ‘The Last Unicorn’ & ‘The Last Dragon’

Last Jedi Fights The Lasts

Last Jedi Fights The Lasts

The Last Jedi is still wowing Star Wars fans, and it’s getting ready to fight some more intense battles.  But is one last noble warrior enough?  Are you ready for more scorching sci-fi battles?  It was announced today that The Last Jedi will be taking the fight on the road, by taking on The Last Dragon, The Last Starfighter and The Last Unicorn.  It will be a battle of the lasts, but undoubtedly, the fans will come out first.

Last Battle Of Them All

“It’s a simple, balanced equation really – all of The Lasts will be fighting each other.  It’s a battle royal to the ultimate death.  Are you a Last?  Are you the only one left?  Are you roaming the world or the galaxy or the kung-fu schools as a last?  Come to us.  Fight us.  This is the Last Fight of the Lasts!”

Last Jedi Fights The Lasts
Last Jedi Fights The Lasts

Where will it all end?  How many lasts can assemble, stand up to each other, and then fight to be the one and only-  the Last?  With Highlander, there can be only one.  Shouldn’t the fabled Scottish swordsman also join in on the last fun?

“He’s a Last?  Technically he is a Last, isn’t he?  Well, then, come aboard, man and fight us to be the Last Last!”  

All of this lasting presence promises to be good to the very last.  As of this writing, The Last Boy Scout, The Last Emperor, The Last Samurai, The Last Picture Show, The Last Action Hero, The Last King of Scotland and The Last Of The Mohicans were all considering fighting The Last Jedi in the last melee.  Remember: first is on top and it can be great coming in at number one, but the Last is ever lasting!