Yoda Soda

Yoda is a legendary Jedi Master.  Feel the Force and you’ll be feeling up Yoda.  He’s a popular icon known the galaxy over and especially in the Star Wars universe of alien weirdos.  He carefully mentors those seeking to master the enigmatic powers of the Force.  However, he’s not simply a mixed martial arts master.  The little green guy has been whipping up something forceful in the kitchen.  He will soon be launching a project just as powerful as wielding a lightsaber.  He’ll be quenching your Force ravaged thirst.

Yoda Soda – A Forceful Refresher

“Energy, it will provide you!  Good it tastes!  Refreshing it is!”  According to the green Jedi himself, Yoda Soda appears a real winner.

But why go soda now?  Why release a soft drink with your name on it when so many people – especially the younger and fitter Jedi athlete candidate types – are turning away from buying pop and fizzy drinks?  Why should we even want to try it?

“My soda is Yoda.  And a powerful soda it is!  Try!?  There is no try!  This is why you fail to conquer your thirst.  You either do or do not!  There is no trying my soda – only drinking it!”

Yoda Soda

Yoda Soda

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