Disney going cola?  The magical kingdom is busy at the movie marketing madness yet again.  To celebrate the coming of Solo: A Star Wars Story, the house of mouse will launch their first soft drink.  Coca-Solo promise to be full of the Force of good beverage taste as our new A Star Wars Story fills the galaxy with fun and frolic.

Coca-Cola or Coca-Solo?

“Aren’t we all just a little bit tired of all the other old colas?  Coca-Cola this and Coca-cola that.  Pepsi this and Pepsi that.  Cola Ebola this and Ebola Cola that.  Whew!  Cola overload!  Well, here comes the new kid on the soft drink block.  Our Coca-Solo refershes as the cola the whole galaxy will dig like a big gulp of Romulan Ale!”



The drink is still going through development growing pains – as Solo-Cola may end up being the cold one’s brand moniker.

Coca-Solo or Solo-Cola – whatever we ultimately come to call it, sounds like it will be the hipster soft drink to drink when watching Solo: A Star Wars Story.  Get ready cola fans for a delightful beverage which promises to be truly out of this world!

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