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Disney’s ‘Solo’ Movie Gets Sponsors Rolo, Polo And Cocobolo

Solo A Star Wars Story

Solo A Star Wars Story

Disney’s Solo movie is getting some sing song sponsors to pad out its budget.  Big name candy brand Rolo and clothing outfitter Polo have signed on to support Solo: A Star Wars Story.  Keeping track?  Yeah, we were busy rhyming when we heard about it too.  So, let’s see… As of now, we’ve got candy Rolo and American brand clothing Polo to be going full on Han Solo.  If that weren’t enough geeky rhyming goodness, Cocobolo Ukuleles will also be joining up in Force.

Polo, Rolo & Cocobolo All Go Solo

What do caramel candy and Ralph Lauren men’s wear have to do with the Star Wars universe and the roguish Han Solo?  A whole lot according to Disney reps.  “It’s a pretty simple marketing equation.  We have Star Wars and Han Solo – Rolo candies and Polo clothing have the Force connection.  But what’s a movie without good music?  Cocobolo Ukuleles brings it all home in glorious song!”

Solo A Star Wars Story
Solo A Star Wars Story

Wait a bleepin Yoda ass backwards minute here.  Use the Force, Luke, but can you carry a tune?  Does this mean Solo is going to be a musical?

Will Han Solo and his furry buddy Chewbacca eat chocolate Rolo dressed in snazzy Polo and play ukuleles constructed of fine, hardwood Cocobolo?  You better believe it may actually happen.  But movies are all about delightful surprises.  Disney is playing it coy.  We’ll all have to shell out our shekels to find out.

Oh Solo, my hero in Polo!  I’ll eat a Rolo while playing my ukulele of hardwood Cocobolo! Official Rap Of ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’

Harrison Ford first fleshed out Han Solo, the hard living rogue the world fell in love with back in 1977, starring in the original installment of the George Lucas crafted Star Wars.  Only time will tell just how much fans will take to seeing Han’s youthful adventures.  It’s clear though, whatever happens, chocolate candy Rolo, fine clothier Polo and the musical icon Cocobolo will become loyal merchandising members of the Star Wars family.  May The Marketing Force Be Strong!