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Catwoman Cats To Organize A Feline Fighters Union

The Catsters

The Catsters

Catwoman appears headed for a caterwauling catastrophe.  The feline folk fighter of Gotham City isn’t the only cat climbing out for a night’s fun.  Selina Kyle is also known to congregate with a bevy of kinetic kittens.  These often overlooked feline fighters are tired of going it alone.  Of pussyfooting around in the shadows.  They shall no longer be ignored.

Cat Fancy Or Not

“She goes out there each and every night and she finds trouble.  Or maybe it finds her?  Whatever.  Bottom line:  We’re tired of dirtying our paws and claws with her ill conceived schemes.  From now on, we will be calling the shots.  Union!  Union!”

The mewling screeches of organization – a feline wail reminiscent of famous union organizations like Norma Rae – are hissing throughout fair Gotham City.  This catalog of kittens are banding together and they’re not going to be left to the humdrum litter box of life.

Catwoman Catsters
Catwoman’s Catsters

A Motto, A Logo and Paw Signals   

They call themselves The Catsters.  These prowling felines are finally coming into the light.  They want everyone to know who they are and what they do.

“We are cats.  We are The Catsters.  The cats of Catwoman.  Hear us purr!”

Catwoman & The Catsters
Catwoman & The Catsters

Both paws raised and wiggling wildly is how they present themselves to the world.  Too aggressive?  Maybe.  But for The Catsters, they know they’re in a city where it’s dog eat dog – and so cat better eat cat every chance they get.  Got catnip?  The Catsters may just reaching out and to scratch you for a sniff.

Pressed for a comment concerning her cat confederates, Catwoman would only softly purr, “Oh my claws!  Are they going to sing us a pretty kitty ditty?  My little kitties are becoming so puuuurfectly catty, aren’t they?”