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‘Black Mirror’ To Spin-Off New Show – ‘Mirror Black’

Black Mirror

Black Mirror

Black Mirror will soon go smack dab through the looking glass and far beyond.  The popular sci-fi series, a sort of hip blend of classic Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits, soon launches a companion show – Mirror Black.  Get ready for a mind blowing experience – or should that be a mirror reflecting experience?

Through The Black Looking Glass

The science fiction, speculative series wants fans to know just how aware they’ve become of their own cutting edge cleverness.  They want you know to they’re taking no fanboy or fangirl prisoners.

“What better way to expand our freaky franchise than to mirror our own wacky selves?  Mirror Black will be a mirror of Black Mirror.  Get it?  We will mirror ourselves and we shall firmly hold a mirror up to our own devilish storytelling.  Get ready for ripples within ripples and a reflection of a reflection!”, breathlessly rattled off one of the super creative producers.

A mirror of themselves?  A reflection of a reflection?  The mirrored mind boggles.  How many insane permutations and byzantine mazes can this intellectual puzzle hold?

Black Mirror or Mirror Black
Black Mirror or Mirror Black

“It’s endless.  After this, we’ll do Holographic Black Mirror and then Mirror Black Holographic.  We’ll be simulating the simulations and the mental wackiness, the intellectual chaos, the smart brain farting shall never ever end!”

How will fans ever be able to tell the real Black Mirror to the Mirror Black simulations?  Won’t they become endlessly confused; forever caught up in an endless loop of science fiction stimulation run amuck?

“That’s the beauty and majesty of naming something mirror!  You can continually claim to mirror things and simulate reflections.  Then, you simply and elegantly can create reflections of reflections within these reflected surfaces.  Mirrors aren’t really black, are they now?  But we have you now thinking, indeed they are!  We will play with your middling minds even more so on Mirror Black!”

Laugh Trek correspondents became so enmeshed, perplexed and mirrored with the news of Mirror Black, we’ve yet to surface from the universe of mirrors and mirrored surfaces we’ve found ourselves in.  Please help us escape from these reflections and the mirror world of Black Mirror or Mirror Black, or, something.  Anything.  Please.  Help…….