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Scarlet Witch Changes Her Name To Scarlet Bitch

Scarlet Bitch

Scarlet Bitch

Scarlet Witch won’t be denied – by anyone nor anything. Even those trendy names can’t resist her magic.  She’s now going full on to become a real, honest to goodness bitch.  Scarlet Witch announced to the world today she’s changing her name to Scarlet Bitch.  Watch out, evil doers, this crimson lady’s just ramped things up to overdrive.  She’s in bitch mode.

Bitch Mode – Activate!

The crimson witch, now is a crimson bitch?  Say what!?

It should come as no surprise to the faithful among us.  The intricacies relating to the world of superhero crime fighting is public knowledge.  We all know how dependable our famous crime fighters are at the top levels of their world.  The Avengers rely on every member to be in tip top shape, and public relations can’t be underestimated.

The New Scarlet Bitch
The New Scarlet Bitch

“It’s simple, really, I was getting tired of being called a witch.  I’d much rather be called a bitch.” the magical artist formerly known as Scarlet Witch offered us in a rare sit down chat.  She wove a spell of true magnetic dynamism for us, as she explained her new identity.

“Given the chance, would you like to go around being called a fear inducing witch, or being known as a tough, no nonsense bitch?  We all know the answer to that little hypothetical, don’t we?”

Will the other Avengers follow?  Has Scarlet Witch started something which won’t end with her becoming a bitch?  Could Hulk change his name to Bulk?  Vision, the enigmatic android, perhaps will want to now be called Visionary.  Captain America – Captain Red, White And Blue?  Let’s all just hope this name game gives us more super goodness to match our super powered heroes.