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‘The Walking Dead’ To Spin-Off New Reality Show – ‘The Waltzing Dead’

Waltzing Dead

Waltzing Dead

The Walking Dead defines the cutting edge of zombie pop culture.  Like the hit horror show or not, you’re absolutely aware of how much it’s changed both the TV landscape and pop culture expectations when it comes to dealing with the undead.  Can’t get enough reanimated corpses?  A new spin-off television show should satisfy both the gravy of the grave and the deceased dancer in all of us.

Zombie Zoo

Dancing With The Zombies.  The Waltzing Dead.  So You Think You Can Dance With A Zombie?  Waltzing With The Dead.  These titles would all be a perfect fatal fit for what the corpse crazed producers are planning. But questions nag:  Why do a reality show at all?  Why mix up dead stars with dancers?

“We love our Fear The Walking Dead.  It’s doing wonderfully with our zombie lovers, however, where do we go from there?  How many prequels or sequels can you really expect to milk from a franchise before that golden milk sours into rotten and stinky garbage, much like our featured corpses?  Enter The Dancing Reality Show Competition.  Our zombies are gonna get down, boogie and dance their rotted asses off for ya!”

Zombie Hollywood

The Waltzing Dead will see Hollywood top of the crop entertainers mix it up with corpses.  This sounds like a real graveyard smash, and producers want to get the most famous dead stars to ramp up the fun factor and star power.

“We want the best dead stars in history.  Our short wish list includes Elvis.  He’s a no dead brainer.  Who wouldn’t love to see a dead, dancing King of Rock N Roll?  Michael Jackson – the King of Pop.  Hell, he’s already done Thriller and danced as a zombie – why not just go the next step and actually sell yourself as a dead dancer?”

The Waltzing Dead
The Waltzing Dead

Dead on synchronicity!  Michael Jackson’s Thriller – sounds like a perfect choice for a show theme song.

“We’ve considered it.  We also are considering Monster Mash and Hotel California.  And also Tom Petty’s rollicking hit Zombie Zoo.  Any song which is creepy cool, we’ll want as our main marching music.  Or in our case, zombie shambling tunes!”  

The Waltzing Dead will soon hold a nationwide deadhead cattle call audition.  They’re looking for funky zombies of every age and size to join the cast and add to the fun of dancing and dying.  The old Hollywood catchphrases of go out there and KILL EM or THEY KILLED will take on new meaning once our dancing dead prance, shamble and croak into our living rooms.  Here come the dancing dead – live!