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Disney To Fold Star Wars Characters Into The Orville

Orville Star Wars

Orville Star Wars

The Orville is going to get pretty darn crowded come next season.  The Fox sci-fi TV show – a tribute, homage, clone, inspired by, or what have you Star Trek like series – shall be warmly welcoming a few familiar faces into the fold.  Darth Vader, Yoda, Han Solo and droids R2D2 and C3PO are just some of the iconic Star Wars family who will be joining in on the wacky fun.

Star Trek & Star Wars – Perfect Together

Disney simply can’t contain themselves.  The animation charged company now rides on a toon train to true joyville.  The company who brought us Frozen and controls the Marvel Universe is beyond super excited by this science fiction mash-up.  Says a mouse house rep, “We couldn’t wait to buy the Fox Network to own Simpsons and Bob’s Burgers and all the others we’ll market into absolute oblivion.  And, of course, we love The Orville – with its slight, passing resemblance to the biggest sci-fi franchise in history – well, the SECOND BIGGEST – was too irresistible to pass up.  Now, with Hollywood magic and Disney guerrilla marketing, we’ll combine our Star Trek like show, Orville, with the magic of Star Wars.”

The Orville
The Orville

The Winning Orville Formula 

Science Fiction Fans have embraced The Orville – often more passionately than the new Trek outing, Star Trek: Discovery, which is available for streaming on CBS All Access.  Orville is warping around wonderfully in its debut season.  Is there a danger in messing up a winning formula so early on?

“We’re Disney.  We can and we will do anything.  Look for as many Star Wars characters as possible to be folded into The Orville.  In fact, we may also be putting some of our beloved Disney characters into the mix.  Mickey Mouse, an old boyfriend of Ed’s?  Donald Duck – a Khan like despot?  The galaxy is the limit!  We’re going to go whole hog!  Like Porky Pig!  Wait a minute!  We don’t own Porky Pig – well, we don’t own him yet!”

And the rest of Disney’s numerous fantasy flock?  Will they ever step onto or even fly onto the bridge of the Orville?

“Iron Man as the new science officer?  Thor and Loki as new counselors?  Scarlet Witch and Black Widow as fight instructors?  The Hulk becomes the new security chief?  Captain America suddenly kicking ass to become the new ship leader and take over the Captain’s chair on Orville?  Wait and see.  Anything can happen, and anything will happen when the fabled Walt Disney company buys everything imaginable in the vast multi-verse of nerdom!”