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BB8 Of Star Wars Fame To Endorse Bowling Balls

BB8 Bowls Better

BB8 Bowls Better

BB8 bowls better.  It’s not an official tagline yet for the new bowling balls the rolling droid will soon endorse, but it sure fits the bill.  Star Wars: The Force Awakens introduced us to the beeping bowling ball, and now that cute droid intends on exploiting a wonderful symmetry between the globular props which dominate galactic bowling alleys and the ball like droids of the sci-fi world.  

BB8 Bowling Balls

The CEO of Bowling Babies had this to say about his company’s new spokesman – or in this case, their spokesdroid, “BB8 is a bowling ball.  There’s no question.  This droid bowls with the best of them!  Having him on our team will mean everyone can now bowl just like BB8!”

Bowling ball droids?  Or droids like bowling balls?  The sci-fi geek in all of us is relishing this perfect, geometric pairing in the game we all love to play – at least when we’re really bored, hanging out with old friends or as gangly teenagers attending those legendary pizza/bowling parties.  Remember renting those smelly bowling shoes?  Foot fungus – what fun!

Bowling With BB8
Bowling With BB8

Expanding The Bowling Galaxy

Bowling Babies CEO continues, “We want a new clientele with our BB8 line.  We want the geeks!  Come on Star Wars warriors!  How about you Star Trek trekking trekkers?  StarGate fans, don’t you like bowling?  Of course you do!  Everyone does! Everyone is welcome to attend the bowling ball party – now that BB8 is the main man who’s throwing it!”

The star of the hour himself was pretty modest about his new role as a new bowling ball icon.  About the only thing the rotund celebrity would offer – in a stream of pops and beeps – was that a certain other droid could never compete with him on the bowling circuit.  Are you listening R2D2?  It looks like BB8 will challenge you to a bowl off.  May the bowling Force be with you all!  Remember, BB8 Bowls Better!