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StarGate To Spin Off: StarGate: Trailer Park and StarGate: Block Party



StarGate fans rejoice!  The Gate opens up for us and beckons to enter.  SG soon opens more awe inspiring doorways to cosmic magic.  The long running sci-fi franchise promises us even more mystery, more galactic intrigue and plenty of lowbrow laughs when StarGate: Trailer Park and StarGate: Block Party burst onto the science fiction scene.

The Gate Gang

The SG franchise delights audiences with its exploratory sci-fi structure and adventurous vibe.  Now, things will get more than a little fun and colorful once these new shows launch.

“With StarGate: SG1, StarGate: Atlantis and StarGate: Universe our intrepid characters forged a sci-fi world rich in culture and tech.  Perhaps too rich.  We scaled the highest peaks in our storytelling and went where no one’s gone before.  Yeah, ANOTHER show went there first, but, well, you know.  As proud as we are of our StarGate family, we gated too far and much too wide.  Now, with StarGate: Trailer Park and SG: Block Party, we’ve got the chance to bring our heroes down to Earth.  We’ll be exploring the same cosmic magic of using a gate to get around, but in a wacky trailer park full of colorful characters.  And then, we’ll go even smaller by using it within a block party setting.”

Gate Gonzo

We were curious for more details.  SG has given us the tech geek Sam Carter, intellectual Daniel, noble Teal’c and of course tough, but lovable Jack O’Neil.  What kind of characters can fans expect to encounter in SG: Trailer Park and SG: Block Party?

StarGate: Trailer Park
StarGate: Trailer Park

“Our people will be cast from actual trailer park residents and block party organizers!  We want our show vibe to be authentic – not simply an attempt at authenticity.  These cast members will actually be living in the trailer park and on the block.  Can the other sci-fi shows get that close to reality?  Are they casting real Vulcans?  Do these other sci-fi shows put real aliens front and center?  No.  I don’t think they do.”

Trailer Park and Block Party will be available on streaming platforms, but not just one.  Apparently, the Gate is far too expansive for just one streaming service.  Producers want everyone to have the chance to experience the new SG.  “We’re putting SG: TP and SG: BP on Netflix, Amazon, Crackle, HULU, FOOLU, Kinda, iCroons, Google Player – you name it!  We want people to see this show constantly.  We want you to be so sick of it, you’ll turn it off, only to turn it back on again a few days later, and say to yourself, “How the hell could I have I turned that off?  I’m turning it back on again!”