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Star Trek Fan Film Director To Live In His Sets 24/7

Enterprise Quarters

Enterprise Quarters

Who wouldn’t want to live in a futuristic starship warped all the way from the far flung future?  Star Trek fans dearly love their sci-fi show.  They especially love the trappings which make it such fun.  They love it so much they make their own fan films.  So why not just move right into the place you spend so much time looking at anyway.

Star Trek fan films are lovingly produced by scores of dedicated faithful.  You could call them hardcore fanatics.  Some even call them obsessed.  One thing’s clear which all of us star trekkers can agree upon:  These talented fans live their cherished dream each day while producing marvelous videos.  The upside is being able to operate in Gene Roddenberry’s vision of the future hours during the filming.  The downside?  They must leave the sets once filming ends, go home and somehow struggle to live in the boring real word.  The answer?  Live the dream all the time.

Enterprise Quarters
Enterprise Quarters – AKA Fan Film Director’s Bedroom

Making The Enterprise Your Permanent Home

“It’s more comfortable than you could ever imagine.  In fact, it’s the most comfortable home I’ve ever lived in – so far that is.  Imagine when we start recreating Captain Picard’s Enterprise D.”  

The quote has no name attribution, because we have no identity to match it up with or document.  He flatly refused to tell us his real name.  He’s not afraid of mockery or public humiliation.  He simply feels too many other people will want to track him down and move into his beloved Enterprise as well.

“Yeah, there’s more room on the ship.  But it’s not like the place is as big as the REAL Enterprise.  It’s damn close, of course, but you have to make allowances.  There’s only so many of us – we don’t need anyone else moving in too.  Go build your own Starship, sorry.”

Is this what Gene Roddenberry would have wanted?  We felt we needed to press him about the ideas presented in Gene’s ‘Wagon Train To The Stars’.  Isn’t the Federation of Planets and Starfleet all about sharing and helping all known lifeforms in the galaxy out? Come on, buddy, give a few other Trekkers and Trekkies a break.

“Look, I’m going to have to be a real Ferengi on this one.  I’m loving my time on Enterprise – all the time – and my selfish need to be here outweighs the needs of the many.  I’m looking out for the few, or in this case – the one.  Live Long, Prosper and go build your own Enterprise.  It’s easy and fun.  It’s also pretty inexpensive – as long as you hock everything you own and work several grueling, soul shattering jobs, just like how I did.  Live the dream, fellow Trekkers, it will definitely happen!”