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Star Trek Parody – ‘Rise Of The Catzoids’

Star Trek Parody - Rise Of The Catzoids

Star Trek Parody - Rise Of The Catzoids

Star Trek Parody – Rise of The Catzoids.  Searching for a bold concept in sci-fi fantasy and adventure?  Welcome to a new dimension in fanciful feline folklore.  Starfleet is a far reaching exploratory organization.  It uses its massive starship fleet to explore the known galaxy, and even dimensions far beyond.  Often, these great spaceships stumble upon the most magnificent lifeforms.  Sometimes these alien races are beneficent.  Other times they’re enigmatic and challenge what it means to be human.

And sometimes, they just want to play.

Catzoid At Rest
Catzoid At Rest

The Catzoids intrigue all who encounter them.  They more than define what it means to be frisky feline.  Vessel after vessel cautiously approach these enormous creatures, only to be instantly enmeshed in chronic play.  The eternally playful race employ gigantic yarn balls, catnip caravans and other items much too catlike to properly understand.

Explore Can Mean Play

Starfleet experts try their best to delve into the mysteries of these creatures, alas, to absolutely no avail.  We know no more about this frustratingly mysterious race than when we first happened on them – as their claws scratched away at one of our space stations.  

Are Catzoids dangerous?  Do they stem from a lost super race of felines seeking commune with the human race itself?  Are they simply looking for a few toys and a saucer of cold milk?  It’s highly doubtful this is the last we’ll see of them.  Perhaps next time, our defensive technology will be up to snuff.  Feline torpedoes full of catnip charges are being developed as of this writing.  Save us all if they are not effective, because with Catzoids, even playtime can become utterly exhausting.