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Doctor Who To Use The Who’s ‘Who Are You’ As Theme Song

Doctor Who - Who Are You?

Doctor Who - Who Are You?

Doctor Who has finally done it.  After many years of wondering WHO are you, he’s taken on the most appropriate theme song imaginable. The enigmatic Time Lord will now be the one to ask all about himself, simply by intoning a lyric of the popular song, Who the hell are you?

Timeliness Tested

Talk about a great, timely move. This comes at just about the perfect time.  Considering Time Lords are all about timelines and timing, and recalling that the rock song came out in 1978.

But what of other famous groups who think the song is all about them?

When asked about the hit TV show, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, The Who’s all replied sharply in unison, “Who the hell cares about them?  We want the song.  We deserve the song.  We’re going to get this song.  Who the hell do they think they are trying to deprive a Time Lord of his proper theme song?  Complete and utter rubbish!  We ought to take our sonic screwdrivers to them – all at the same bloody time!”

The Doctors
The Doctors

Marketing Mirth

We also pointed out the inquisitive song has been employed in TV ads for the juggernaut retail company, Walmart.  The Who’s were thankful for the reminder, “If a multinational conglomerate can assume a song to sell its pots, pans and other essential and non-essentials, why can’t us time tripping Who’s take a crack at the song?”

Time Lords are known to be rather flighty, all that time travel must rattle their constitutions.  So, just as they were being whisked off to another miraculous mission, we discussed one last issue.  What about that beloved, imaginative creator Dr. Suess?  The Grinch Who Stole Christmas is all about the epic struggle of the Who’s and their legendary Whoville.  Wouldn’t the song in question be even more fitting to become that townsfolk anthem?  Doctor Who looked a bit exasperated and simply spat back, ‘Who cares about those damn little Who’s?  Who Who’s In Whoville, indeed!”