Spock Santa Elf

Vulcans delight as one of the most popular and enigmatic races on Star Trek.  They’re strong, noble and exude a kind of superiority which fans love to love, and love to hate.  Mister Spock is most famous, with his dad Sarek, half brother Sybok, T’Pol of Enterprise and Tuvok of Voyager coming in thereafter.  We know this alien race is supremely logical.  Vulcans also possess psychic abilities – mind reading, and boast their famous mind meld.  The mind meld merges two minds or souls (katra) into one.  If we mind melded with a Vulcan, would we soon suspect something else?  A holiday or Christmas connection perhaps?

Elf On A Starship

Picture Spock performing his duties not in his Starfleet uniform – but decked out as one of Santa’s many minions.  Spock as a merry Elf?  Maybe Will Ferrell could give him a few choice pointers on just how elfish he could appear.  Stranger things always seem to happen in certain streaming shows.  I’d love to see Spock as an Elf on Funny Or Die.  

The Enterprise crew might howl with laughter at seeing their dignified science officer prancing around as a Santa servant.  Spock would probably intone solemnly, “My yuletide look is simply highly logical around the holidays.”

Live Long & Xmas Party

Live Long & Xmas Party

Santa Claus may never have taken his cosmic sleigh to Vulcan – probably too much heat.  Though perhaps a few hardy ones made their way at warp to Earth.  Spock should look into such a possibility.  Just as the Romulans were once Vulcans, perhaps Santa’s elves were also once brothers and sisters of the planet Vulcan.  Live Long, Prosper and Happy Holidays.

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