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Data A Red Nosed Android – Star Trek: The Next Generation

Data The Red Nosed Reindeer

Data The Red Nosed Reindeer

Data boasts a real advantage come holiday time.  He must enjoy being the only Enterprise 1701-D crew member who can assume a festive appearance at will.  That is if he chooses to rearrange his many LED blinkies.  Lt. Commander Data serving under Captain Picard is one Starfleet officer who carries around his own Christmas decorations – 24/7.

Keeping Up Android Appearances

Androids needn’t worry about how they look – since they always basically look the same.  Oh, there are still the little things.  Combing the hair and  keeping up general, basic hygiene is still essential.  However, when you never really age – or at least at the rate a human does – it’s not vital to get a makeover all too often.  Of course, this doesn’t include those special, celebratory times.

Data LED Blinky Boy
Data LED Blinky Boy

The holidays are occasions where all of us may want to dig into our closets and slap on festive gear.  Ugly Christmas sweaters?  Fake reindeer antlers?  How about Christmas socks?  Eye sores maybe, but at least they’re hidden under your slacks.

Data has shown us nifty cosmetic features courtesy of his android construction over the years.  His vocal gymnastics allowed him to be a kind of audio court reporter during the Farpoint trial with the entity called Q.  During the Enterprise’s mission to the so called ‘briar patch’, Data interacted with the technologically averse Ba’Ku.  When wading in deep water, he activated an internal device which acted as a flotation device.  He tells Captain Picard, “In the event of a water landing, I have been designed to serve as a flotation device.”  Oh, Data, I wanna sit next to you when we’re flying over those water planets!  The ever versatile sentient android even had his head removed on occasion.

Diva Data

Captain Picard certainly wouldn’t tolerate any tomfoolery during regular shift hours on board his Galaxy Class vessel, but party time calls for fun.  Data is the droid cut out for the job.  He’s shown his penchant for drama – and even studied the dramatic arts and performed them in the holodeck.  He definitely could become a Diva Data in time.

Theatrical requirements aside, looking festive during the holidays is a very human interest.  Data’s always looking for more ways to be more human.  A brief tinkering of his many bright LED blinky lights and POOF – Data would cultivate the legendary Rudolph Red Nosed Reindeer.  He’d either be mistaken for him, or that he simply drank way too much spiked eggnog.