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Santa Claus In ‘Game Of Thrones’

Santa Of Thrones

Santa Of Thrones

Santa Claus may fit in perfectly in a popular fantasy realm.  The jolly old soul himself appearing as an important player in HBO’s Game of Thrones.  Can you just picture him on a massive throne – ready to lay down his particular rules pertaining to the naughty and nice?

A Song of Ice And Fire

Our legends surrounding Christmas are all about the coming of ice and fire.  Deep into winter, as days grow shorter and the landscape becomes covered in ice and snow, we need more warmth.  We retreat to the darkness of our caves and castles.  We build our roaring fires and roast our meals – even if we’re now using deep fryers and microwave ovens.

Santa Of Thrones
Santa Of Thrones

He of the Jolly and St. Nick.  Bringer of holiday goodies – a feast of food and drink.  The Santa Claus may, at first glance, appear a right jolly old elf, but he’s no pushover.  Not only is the big man able to do all the territorial domination in one night, but he has an army.  His army of sprightly elves is formidable.  They’re legendary in assembling toys.  Does this translate over to combat?  One would do wise not to incur the wrath of The Santa of Claus and his Elvish Troops.

Combat Claus

Santa’s weapons would be formidable, indeed.  His reindeer alone could most likely best any horse or other steed which challenged them.  Flying reindeer may look cute, even cuddly, but they’re undoubtedly good at causing pain if crossed and challenged.  Candy canes sound pretty candy ass.  The type of canes which Santa carries around would inflict serious punishment on the naughty.

Game of Thrones would do worse to invite Santa Claus over to play.  The Chubby Claus thundering around in HBO’s fantasy driven world would be pretty memorable.  After all, if there’s one figure in all of fantasy that everyone knows and is excited by – regardless of TV, movies, comic books or video games – it’s the big elf himself.